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rescuers air lifted the 18-year-old today. she was dehydrated but alert. authorities found her in trabuco canyon. she was screaming for help. >> the ground teams heard the sound of the voice. we inserted a paramedic that heard the voice as well. and we went from there to provide an air shift from above to begin locating the sound of the voice and searching the area until she was located. >> authorities found her hiking partner last night. he was dehydrated and not wearing shoes. he's in serious condition. santa cruise county sheriff's department is searching for a 54-year-old woman who may need medical attention. she may be suffering from a
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head injury. she is five feet, seven inches tall, 150 pounds with as you can see from her photo brown hair and brown eyes. >> the san jose man accused of driving a car into a store and attacking customers is now facing attempted murder charges. david louie joins us live now with the latest. david. >> he is charged with two counts of attempted murder, four counts of assault with a deadly weapon two, counts of vandalism and one count of reckless driving. the judge said no bail because he considers zaied a threat to the public. >> a calm hamid zaied stood in court. if found guilty could be sentenced to life in prison.
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the serious of the charges are two counts of attempted murder. the district attorney says the actions outside of the store showed deliberate premed taigs. >> his entrance into walmart what he did prior to that which was stop and then go forward rng towards the store. >> this is cell phone video. part of a police report released for the court appearance. defense attorney has yet to see the evidence intrild made it clear what he thought about the attempted murder charges. >> i'm suggesting that they're off base, yes. >> 10 of the 12 counts related to the incident. however, the district attorney added two charges from three months ago when zaie does accused of crashing into a san
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jose car wash. but now, he faces an attempted murder charge for that, plus vandalism. this camera video and crash prompted a preview. >> we have relooked at evidence and have added two counts into this case that is involving the chevron incident. >> zaied will be back in court wednesday to enter pleas for 12 counts he's facing. >> david, thank you very much. parents of several autistic children are suing tonight claiming the teach year bused them and claim administrators knew about it and did nothing. >> the school did something after police got involved.
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>> this is 5-year-old malik evans who attended the school in antioch. his parents' attorney told us he and four others were physically and verbally abused by their special education teacher. >> this teacher forced faces down on to rugs and furniture so hard they were injured and squeezed them so hard that it left bruises on children. >> three families have filed a civil rights complaint against the teacher, the school district and other officials. accord together complaint the teacher is said to have pinched the nipple of another kid to get him to follow instructions. for months parents complained to the principal. one parent threatened to go to police. >> and the administration of the school district quote,
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deescalated her got her not to make a report to the police. >> but another parent did go to the police. after a teacher's aid came forward. the district placed the teacher on leave. the district attorney may file charges. the office did not want to talk about this case. the school district didn't, either. this letter confirms one month after, placed on leave the teacher resigned. still, when calling the school today and dialed the extension we found her voice mail was still in use. >> the teacher resides in contra costa county. >> the teacher lives in brentwood. we knocked and no one answered. >> just it's criminal not to report suspected child abuse.
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that is a crime. >> school is out because it's spring break. the district has not received the complaint. the superintendent did e mail us to say he cannot comment on personnel matters. the lawsuit seeks monetary damages for families. >> president obama on his way back to washington, d.c. after a quick bay area fund raising visit netting around $3 million to $4 million. the president left from san francisco international airport about 1:30 this afternoon began his day in san francisco. and people out for a stroll got a glimpse of the president for a trip to atherton. in fact the chopper flew past him. >> flew over me. i got the shot and put it on my facebook he needs to know people here support him and what he's trying to do.
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>> the president had two fund-raisers in atherton. guests paid up to 32,000ses today attend say the president joked about taxing rich people. >> people in several bay area cities may have to wait another week to have garbage picked up because of a trash collection strike. union members picketed z.the walkout means trucks never made their rounds today in fremont, daily city parks civica, half moon bay, fairfield and parts of san jose. there is no contract issue. they walked off to support a strike in ohio. >> corporation doesn't want to come to an agreement with conditions and want to take pension plan away. >> it creates a service disruption and delay. we're doing what we can to mitigate the issue. on the must service customers,
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hospitals, large accounts. >> teamsters expect to stay off the job two more days. >> lists lab loued to stay open all night long. the city council is passing regulation allowing any business to stay open 24 hours. until now, businesses had to pay a thousand dollars for a permit to stay open. golt avoid having everybody pour on to the streets now they can stay later but can't drink. >> still to come here walgreens broadens it's mission to see a doctor right there if you're really sick. >> duty for a cop on vacation. the airport skrimish that forced him to jump into action. >> and why it moot not be a
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security video captured a rick response of a vacationing police officer this weekend. he saw this happening. a female guard being attacked he spanning into action. justin rogers took down the attacker and informed others he has a police officer. authorities thanked rogers for his help. he's now back on duty in pinole. >> he sprang into action. good for him. impress yif a temporary reprieve for a tiny door in golden gate park. the door magically appeared at the base of a tree capturing imagination of children and
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adults this week it was removed by rec and park department but after complaints a new door was installed. officials say bolts can damage the tree and the door cannot stay. no word when it will be removed for good. >> we've heard about thefts of copper wiring. forest rangers say there has been increase in sap thefts sm. times they put the trees under tree was too many taps. >> well, facebook wants to change the way you use your phone. the company introduced software called home making the hub of the mobile phone working on phones running android operating system. mark zuckerberg says the idea to bring content to the home screen.
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>> home screen is really the soul of the fochblt you look at it about 100 times per day. sets the tone for the experience. we think it should be deeply personal. >> with home you'll see photos and posts as soon as you turn on the phone. it will only work on a handful of android phones, it will be available on tablet. >> interesting. phoning home. bay area officials expanding a route has bts -- hasn't been that popular. voting to add an evening trip between south san francisco and oakland ask the south san francisco ferry only generated $145,000 since launched last june. it gets more than $2 million to stay afloat. officials hoping those added trips will increase popularity. >> a legal victory could be a
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financial boost for california. california public utilities commission won two court verdicts related to twun energy crisis. a judge said the power administration were liable for $2 million in overcharges during our energy crisis. the court will conduct a trial to determine the amount the companies will owe in the form of cash refunds of money. >> some consumer news if you need help with mortgage tomorrow may be the day. >> this is a big road show that will arrive tomorrow here in the bay area put on by neighborhood assistance corporation of america. homeowners will receive help in an effort to keep their home. more than half who show up will lower mortgage payments
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by average 500ses today $1,000 a month. we have more information on our web sites on abc 7 >> and cruises are popular, they're an easy vacation but more than easy. a cruise vacation can save you money if you book through a travel agent and the price drops you get in on the deal. >> if you book and we can do a price adjustment getting you the sale. >> many cruise lines will allow to you do that. people will contact you, asking do you want a discount? so with e.issues are there deals to be had? good question and what i'm looking into tonight on abc 7
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news at 6:00. hang around for that. >> wall greens is announcing today it's expanding into medical care in a bigger way. that is known as a pharmacy change there beflt known for offering inexpensive flu shots. now, it's expanding to include chronic care. monday tearing patients. >> thank you. >> skb let's keep track of weather. >> yes. >> it was really rainy in the morning but things are better now? >> better now. morning commute was messy. rain coming down hard in parts of the bay area. keep umbrellas close by. looking at live doppler 7 right now, we do have a few showers showing up right
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around clover dale south of clear lake area. some moisture is falling through the radar beams. some drops are still accumulating here, temperatures now 63 in oakland. as you look at golden gate bridge it's americay now. drk drk murky now. fog forming heading into the morning hours. napa now, 60 degrees, livermore, 64. it's a cooler day. and cloudy overnight, mostly cloudy skies tomorrow, it's going to be unsettled for the weekend. tomorrow, though, it's a big day. mostly cloudy skies, temperatures low 60s falling into upper 50s, take a light jacket with you if you're
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going. here is a look at cold front. that is what morning looked like. we did have steady rain now, behind it, we have a low level flow coming out of the southwest. a couple weak systems pass through meaning you'll need umbrellas for a small period of time. computer animation at 11:00 p.m. tonight clouds, fog around, maybe drizzle then into saturday morning you'll see showers more showers coming through here as we head into sunday at 11:00 a.m. first thing in the morning you may run into wet roadways due to drizzle. temperatures upper 40s to low 50s, some fog so watch out for that morning commute.
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tomorrow afternoon, 66 in clear lake. san ma day yes, mid-60s. upper 60s san jose. oakland 66 but you'll see quite a bit of cloud cover hanging around. here is a lk at accu-weather forecast. chance of showers saturday chance of showers sunday. and you'll notice it's a cooler pattern, then we're going to clear out, crank up heat tuesday, wednesday. thursday. low 80s. abc 7 news has another great weather resource for you. get video forecasts alerts, power outage information and weather tweets and you know our team has been keeping you posted on this.
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>> thank you. >> still to come a gem one of the most visited parks in the country. >> and then at 6:00 cool knock knock joke being paid on homeowners you can be a victim if you don't answer the door. cheryl and i will be b
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usa championships tournaments feature hockey district champions and include past and present olympians. will be played through sunday throughout the bay area including rinks in oakland and fremont. officials say the event has given more visibility to womens' hockey. >> 2007 had 48 girls teams and 32 women teams.
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and able to use that as a jumping off point. >> it's remarkable. the durmt has been a boost for the city of san jose. sharks say people have booked some 6,000 hotel rooms in the area. >> good for business and bay area businesses may be hit with more sick calls than usual tomorrow. we hear there is orange and black fever. what am i talking about? you know. san francisco giants hosting st. louis. team going raise the flag. san francisco coming home after winning two of three games in los angeles. now, the team keeping a lid on who is going to sing national anthem and throw out the first pitch. >> well national park system unveiled a most-visited parks of 2012.
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282 million people visiting national parks makes it the sixth highest number in history of the park service. that is despite closures muir woods and, sites made the list of the most-visited accomplices in the park system. number two with 14 million advisors great smoky mountains. blue ridge parkway topped the list, more than 15 million visitors if you've not been there, it's spectacular too,. >> put it on the bucket list, right? >> straight ahead a sweet standoff. >> stay with us.
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coming up at 6:00 a crime on the increase throughout the bay area. someone knocks on your door if you don't answer you're next victim of a band of burglars that has been breaking into homes. we have an example of one caught on tape. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. >> next stop, new orleans. >> yes. cal's womens team left berkeley today for the trip to the final four. >> yes. waving inside of their home agreena. cheer leaders also entertained the crowd. >> now i'm still here because i'm excited for them. >> the coach thanked fans for their support and berkeley
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mayor entered into a friendly wager with the louisville mayor. if bears win, baits receives 10 bottles of kentucky bourbon. >> if cardinals win, baits will send fisher 10 bottles of premium california wine. so, pack that wine up. it's going to happen. >> that is going to do it for us. world news is coming up next. i'm cheryl jennings. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. as always, and we'll see you again at 6:00. this is "world news." tonight, on the edge. north korea moves a missile launcher into place. americans across the border are training in hazmat suits. and our martha raddatz from south korea on what will likely happen next. at the movies. the critic who changed the way we argue about the movies.
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>> that is a cliche! >> thumbs up, thumbs down, tonight the pioneering life of roger ebert, how it changed a movie-loving nation. driving danger. a warning from top scientists about the way we drive in severe weather. the surprising new ways they're trying to keep your family safe on the road. and slam dunk. is this woman getting ready to change sports in america for good? she's 6'8" and her hands are bigger than lebron james'. is she about to be the first woman to play in the nba? >> good evening. we begin with a dangerous duel between the united states and north korea, separated by 7,000 miles. and tonight, a new warning from the mysterious nation, claiming they are ready to show the world
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their mite, possibly another test of another weapon. tonight abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz is on the tense and watchful border once again in seoul, south korea. martha? >> reporter: good evening, diane. tonight officials tell abc news that it appears north korea is on the verge of testing a missile. exactly the kind of provocative act that can create a chain reaction here in an area that has not seen this much tension in years. tonight the u.s. is tracking a mobile missile launcher that has been moved within north korea by train. the launcher has the ability to strike japan as well as u.s. bases in okinawa and guam. adding to the fears, today, the young leader of the north said, "the moment of explosion is coming." >> reporter: north korea's newsreaders promising a justified all-out war.

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